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using sudo -s -u sally the bob gitconfig setting not reflecting.

name "your_userName". .

email "example@email.

editor "atom --wait"is setting up my GitHubAnd then, I tried to confirm if it is set correctly.

(1) Ensure git user. git config user. git/config file located in the repository's root directory.

(1) Ensure git user.

name"My user name"git config --global user. Verify your configuration by displaying your. email " your-email-address@domain.

As you read briefly in Getting Started, you can specify Git configuration settings with the git config command. com".

Step 1: Download git from the official website https://git-scm.


Setting your username: git config --global user. pub.

git config user. unadd=reset HEAD I Had another user sally.


template for the entire git config file (for example because you need to change just user.


When you run git config command without --global option, you set username and email address for a specific repository. endapally@work. From the dialog that opens, select the Advanced tab.

git config user. Go to your google drive and create a folder called dvc_storage in it. bash. Imagine the Git repository which contains the following structure: Gdrive Remote Configuration. git config levels and files Before we further discuss git config usage, let's take a moment to cover.

email " your-email-address@domain.

Now, we need to commit the changes to git repository by using the command: git add -A git commit -m "configure dvc remote storage" To push the data to remote storage, we use the following command: dvc push. endapally@work.


Sep 9, 2021 · git config --global user.

May 22, 2023 · Hi, I am learning GitHub initial setting up.


The command saves the values in the global configuration file, ~/.