Water Confidence.

It is an intensive seven-week training camp that culminates in participation at regattas.

Sculling Intensive – 7 day virtual clinic. 5 hours for a cost of $75.


Lesson Plan: ‘How to Print Money’.

Explain that this is how people row boats. . Sculling Academy founder, Steve Walker, gives the 1st lesson in sculling.

—a training plan to prepare for a 5000m rowing ergometer test.

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Sit on a kickboard and scull.

The fee for private sculling lessons is $50.

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yahoo. In this lesson Gordon addresses the grip, losing the pins at the release, and advises lowering the oarlock.

A lesson plan is the instructor’s road map of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time.
Lesson 9.
Strength training for sculling exists to improve power production of stroke-relevant muscles (ie.

Scull feet first sculling action for 5m whilst horizontal on back.

*All the profits from these e-book sales go to his rowing club as donations.

. You will start in a training barge that provides the most stable environment for you to learn and by lesson 4 you will be in a rowing shell applying all the things you’ve learned in the training barge. You may arrange a convenient time with the sculling coach.

I had to do it this way because the blog will not allow me to do tables. A viewer of this Channel, Martin Jehle, came to visit me in Douarnenez, and I persuaded him to come out on Avel Dro so. Please contact us to schedule a lesson. How to Do Sculling | Swimming Lessons Swim Drills: Sculling Explained. Please contact us to schedule a lesson. It contains lessons for teaching sculling to beginners.


Sculling arm action and kick. The catch scull uses the high elbow combined with the forearm and hands to produce frontward propulsion.

Semi-private sculling lessons are available for experienced scullers, in which you may sign up for 1-hour or ½-hour slots.


1x, 2x or 4x are welcome at $50.

Individual sculling lessons for people who are not current members of the club are $50 per session.

Logbook sculling is a great way to gain access to one of the best rowing spots in the country.